How to Sell To Me

In addition to the blogging, twittering, and various other duties as the AccuConference socialite, I also provide customer service to our clients. I take phone calls and respond to emails throughout the day, and my goal at the end is to have a happy person at the end of the call.

While providing service, I’m also a lot of companies target market – between the ages of 18 and 35, female, a bit of a techie, and so forth. People want to sell to me, because I’m willing to buy. I’m going to go ahead and give you the secrets on how to sell to me.

Customer service. You want my business? Great – I probably want to give it to you, but you need to be polite and kind to everyone in my household or workplace and not just to me because I’m the one you’re dealing with. If you fail at this, our relationship is over. That’s rule number one.

Do you use the product you’re selling to me? Make up counters are the best place to try this one out. I love makeup, and there’s one store I go into all the time that you can tell the girls use the company’s product. I feel confident asking her a question about foundation or eye shadow. If she’s trying to sell me a bottle of $15.00 makeup and can’t wear it herself, then I don’t trust that company.

Why? Mainly, what makes you think I’m right for this product, or am I just a warm body to fill your quota? If you can’t tell me why you think I would be a good person to use this product, you haven’t done your research. If it’s a more retail location, like a mall or shopping center, slipping up to me and asking me what brings me in is a good place to start. I’m a tricky kind of girl, so even if I’m in a sporting goods store, I might still be looking for myself. Don’t assume.

So, there you have it. That’s how I want to be sold to. How do you like to be sold to? Are their things that a company can do that would be considered unforgivable and you would never go back?