How to Wear Your Conference Service


A conference service is like your closet.

You’ve got your jeans and t-shirts, slacks, and Polo’s, all hanging up in neat rows. In the back of the corner is a suit that you paid too much for but never seem to have the opportunity to wear.   It seems like a crazy analogy but think of it like this: You have different outfits depending on what event you might be attending. A conference service is essentially set up the same way, with different features and abilities depending on what kind of conference call you need to have.

The standard interoffice conference call with a couple of co-workers could be considered your jeans and t-shirt call; no recording needed, no Q&A sessions, and no operator needed. Invite some of your clients into the conference and you need upgrade the wardrobe to the slacks and button down shirt. You might add a pre-conference or record the conference.

A good closet, like any good conference service, is going to offer you a variety of features that you can use depending on what might be appropriate. What happens when you have that conference coming up that you feel like you need the full suit, tie, and vest?

Easy. Schedule an operator on the call.

Having an operator is a little known gem in the conference world.  Conference call services are set up in such a way that you are able to use everything that an operator can, but there are always times when you need that extra little something.

It’s the nice suit that you have hanging in the back of your closet. You might only drag it out every once in a while, but when you do, you make a great impression.

Large events require something a little swanky. The next time you invite a large number of people to a conference call, you should add an operator to assist in the conference. The operator will do an introduction, turn the call over to presenters, and moderate the Q&A session for you. This operator is fully focused on making your conference go as smoothly as possible.

Not only do you look fantastic, but it takes the pressure of moderating the call off your shoulders and you can concentrate on the information being presented. You worked hard to put this conference together and you should get to enjoy some of the spoils.

You should drag out the suit and wear it on conference day, just for fun.