Human Moment

I did something pretty silly yesterday. I wore a brown shoe and a black shoe to work. I didn’t notice until about 10AM when I stretched my legs out in front of me and looked down. My initial reaction was, “Are you serious?” Now, I am not fashion challenged, I like clothes and shoes that match. This is not 1982 and my name is not Madonna. I had two choices to make on this one. I could either sneak while on lunch to run to the store to buy some matching shoes, and be thankful that I wore my longer pants today, or I could own it. I chose to own it and for a couple of different reasons.

First of all, it’s hilarious. I mean, anyone who’s a woman has a fear of a faux paus like that, and I got to live the dream today. Everyone had a good laugh and it, and I don’t mind laughing at myself. There was nothing I could do about it after I was at work and being bothered by it all day wouldn’t ruin anyone’s day but mine, so I told everyone. “Hey, look what I did.” You would call it a mess up. I would call it a “human moment”. I think words like mess ups, screw ups, and the other references I won’t type here should be trashed.

We are all human and we should start embracing the things we do that are humanistic. This pressure we put on ourselves to be perfect can be maddening and when it comes down to it, we all bump into corners, wear the wrong shoes, or spill coffee on white table cloths at PubCon (ahem–twice). Why can’t we just back down from ourselves for a moment and respect the things we do that we learn from? Take my shoe incident – I will never grab my shoes in the dark again. I will always turn on the light and look to check that my shoes match. I learned a lesson, maybe not one that will change my life, but it’s still a lesson, and they are always important.

Tell me about your human moment in the comments below. What did you learn from it? Were you able to laugh at yourself?