Improved Data Safety for Businesses

You hear in the News practically on a weekly basis these days about thousands of user or employee records being lost due to theft of a secure laptop or file. While most businesses don't have the responsibility of anything nearly that large, the personal information of your employees and your own proprietary information needs to stay secure. What steps have you taken to protect your employee's information and your own business data?

1. Are your employee records under lock and key? If they are accessed electronically, is the password changed often? Is it accessed often or do limited persons have it for their use? How do you know who is viewing your employee's information?

2. When hiring people to handle your HR or accounting work, do you run a background check? The idea of running background checks might not seem palatable to most business that don't handle large amounts of confidential data, but isn't the information you hold important?

3. Can your IT person point out to you ways a hacker can get inside your network or onto your internal website? A good internet technology person can set up hack-proof systems that keep company data safe.

4. If there is a breach, do you have a way to notify your clients, customers, and the media? What would be a necessary plan of action if such a breach occurred?

Small businesses that think they're not susceptible to data breaches are often those that fare the worst in such situations. Just a simple emergency plan in case a breach occurs may be a wise idea. If you don't usually lock a file cabinet or office, start locking it. If you're not sure who of your employees has access to secure files, find out. If you want to make sure that only you and a select group of employees has access to data, take steps to ensure that happens. Make sure your IT person is aware of who needs access and if necessary, take steps to ensure that you can remove access with a simple key stroke. All these measures may seem extreme to companies busy with clients and the day-to-day workload, but taking a moment to ensure your own peace of mind will go a long way. It's just one less thing to keep in the back of your brain, trust me!