Interning at AccuConference: Saying Goodbye

Sadly, I have to annouce that our summer interns Kaitlyn and Laura Lee have left us to head back to college. It’s been a big summer for them and I have to say they have been a pleasure to have around the office. Here is our interns last thoughts on their summer at AccuConference.

By: Laura Lee – Oklahoma State

Well everybody, the time has come. Time to pack up my bags, shove everything I own into my car, jump on I-35 and head north for the familiar 4 hours. The college term is starting soon and it’s time to get back to the hectic, crazy and fun life that accompanies every college student. This will be my last year as an undergrad on campus, and soon I will have to face the real world, go find a big girl job, and eventually, grow up. These past three months have served as a stepping stone for the rest of my future life. It’s helped me realize my options of growing up as well as the many facets of working in a business environment. I will sincerely miss the people of Accuconference along with their good humor and high level of efficiency.

What was great about this internship was that through it all I actually felt of use to the rest of the employees in the office. It was cool to be of help through the company’s website changes and creations, and help directly with customers through daily mail outs and monthly UPS boxes. From everything that our ‘mentor’, Maranda, taught Kaitlyn and I’d be happy to say that we gave back a little, by being responsible enough to help out with her projects as a team.

This summer, working with the Marketing team here at Accuconference has taught me that flexibility is key to success with SEO and Google. You also must know your game and know it well, so your flexibility isn’t tinged with surprise. I also have been introduced to the remarkable monster known to us as Google Reader, and I am sure that I will be reading through the blogs that have been recommended to me and blogs that I’ve found on my own for a very long time. It’s a whole different type of learning experience when you are actually able to witness firsthand what is being taught to you. It’s obviously a lot more interactive than a boring classroom setting, and because of this I’ve been able to learn even more.

I now have a far more expansive work portfolio leaving this internship than I did before. My plan is to impress my future employers through the roof and make them hire me on the spot with my beefed up resume from this summer. Internships are the best thing you can do for yourself if you are a college undergraduate. I know that during the time I spent searching for the right internship for me I was keenly aware that I would be setting myself at a serious disadvantage if I did not intern with a company that aligned with my interests (for example, marketing).

Overall, it’s been a great summer. I’ve learned a lot more about SEO, learned some office/business etiquette, and I’ve learned that in the Texas heat it really is possible to fry an egg on the sidewalk. I’ll be walking out of this office for the last time, and I’ll be walking out a more educated person.


By: Kaitlyn – Texas A&M

This week will mark a bittersweet occasion, my last week of interning at AccuConference. A couple more days and Laura Lee and I will be gone, back to our own schools. I know you all are devastated (riiight), but I want y’all to stay strong.

Someone in a movie once said, “Where is the good in goodbye?” While this may be a fitting question for many situations, I can find plenty of good in my goodbye from AccuConference. From the first day I set foot in the office, it has been nothing but a learning experience and I will be departing here with a brain full of new smarts. Not only that, I will be leaving with a larger work portfolio and a shiny new pin on my resume. In today’s economy, I am thankful to have even snagged an internship at all, let alone the valuable one I had this summer. I can’t help but feel a little silly when I think back to my first blog post and how torn I was when deciding which company to intern for. I might be a little biased, but I’m quite confident I picked the right one.

Of all I have learned, one thing that sticks out to me is relearning how to write. In college, I submit a paper to the professor, they grade it, write some notes, give it back to me, and it’s done. It’s a one-time event. I hate to admit that I do not follow the traditional writing process of spending weeks writing multiple drafts for each paper that is due. Once it is submitted I am done, and I dump everything about that paper out of my head, never to return to it again. Here at work, the story is far from the same. I may submit five drafts of a writing piece to my bosses before it is approved. I receive critiques and edits to be made and I constantly revisit the same articles until they are up to par. I’ve realized this is how the real world works, so I’m glad I learned that this summer instead of later in the midst of my first real job.

Another is, of course, all the things I learned about Google and SEO, but anyone who has read my blog posts is probably fully aware of this by now. I was learning something new about it every single week. I feel like it deserves some mention in my very last blog post, considering it has been a recurring theme in each of them.

As the short time remaining before my last day of work is winding down, I am reminded of how pleasant it’s been working with this great bunch of people. The thoughtful gestures, friendly conversations, and welcoming faces will surely be missed. It’s been impressive watching them market an intangible product and give customer service to customers they will never meet. I hope each of them realize how valuable they are.

Sure, I will be saying goodbye to AccuConference, but I’m glad to say there is good in this one, and I’m certain all that “good” will come in handy for whatever I pursue in the future. I am excited for the new changes ahead of me and plan to take everything head-on, jump in with both feet, fly by the seat of my pants, put my best foot forward and all those other sayings about trying my best and moving onward. I think all that’s left to say is, “Look out, world, here I come.”