Interning at AccuConference: The Old School Way

Laura Lee brings us this look into how there are some people still holding onto the “old school” way of doing things in this weeks Intern Post.

There’s a saying out there that goes something like ‘old habits die hard’. In the business world, and especially the online marketing world, I’ve found that the key to survival is to be flexible and grossly up to date on new technologies and SEO. I guess the world is full of contradictions then, because merely 100 feet down the hallway from our SEO powerhouse and updating machine is an office, complete with a desk, a peppermint jar, and a typewriter. No, this is not meant to give the office an antique-y feel; the entire office literally belongs in a museum. Strolling down the hallway one morning on the way back from the building café, (great breakfast muffins- not so great chocolate chip cookies) my intern buddy and I encountered this completely foreign sight. An older gentleman, with suspenders and beard was bent over his typewriter hard at work. We couldn’t believe it – we had to go back for a second look.

Here I am thinking that a typewriter (the last time I saw one of those things was in Grandma’s basement) is completely useless. No email system? No Google? No FACEBOOK?? I wondered how that office managed to stay in business. But thinking back on it, our neighbor with his typewriter probably is the least distracted tenant in the building. (Maybe in the whole country- who knows how many more typewriters are out there). He’s got nothing to take his mind off of typing; no social media notifications popping up at him. He is a free man. So my question is: is newer actually better? There is no way that I can be reverted back to a typewriter; especially when all I know is the PC and the Mac both which are fully capable of spooning me up some Facebook, Twitter, and all the other distracting social media whenever my heart desires.

I know even though we at AccuConference are equipped with our high powered and internet-capable machines that keep us so wrapped up in what we are doing, it actually is possible to enjoy yourself when hard at work.

This hot summer weather is not letting up anytime soon- I’m pretty sure Texas is heading towards a consecutive heat record. So I plan to make the best of it by blasting my AC, frying eggs on the parking lot and spending as much time as close to bodies of water as I can. (Preferably IN the water). Other than that, I’ll be here, melting in the heat and learning as much as I can!