Interning at AccuConference: Week One

This summer, we’ve taken on a Cowboy and an Aggie into our office — also known as our interns Laura and Kaitlyn. As part of their summer program, we’ve asked them both to write a weekly blog on how they feel and what they are learning. Laura’s first impressions are written below and Kaitlyn’s is on the way. I will also be providing some insight, as this is my first teach expierence with interns and I’m sure I have a lot to learn. 

Blog by Laura – First Week at AccuConference. 

One word. Internship. Something I’ve heard so much about, and how it’s incredibly essential to obtain one. And here I am, currently in the most sought after position a college undergrad can get. The one week that I’ve spent as an intern at Accuconference has been unlike any other. When I arrived here on my first morning of my summer internship, I had a mixture of feelings. I was excited and a bit nervous as I rode the elevator up to Suite 318. I was looking forward to putting faces to the names, because my interview process had all been done remotely. What if they weren’t who they said they were? Dear Lord what had I gotten myself into? I had done my homework on the company beforehand by perusing the website, but it didn’t tell me anything about the company culture. Was everyone going to be super formal and professional with their business suits, ties, to-do lists and agendas or laid back? Either way, I knew that I really wanted to learn more about marketing in the ‘real world’.

I rehearsed the line I was going to use when I got to the receptionist’s desk on the other side of the front office door. (Hey, they told me to be honest). But as I walked in for the first time, I was totally disconcerted. Instead of one desk gracing the front entry, I found myself looking at Accuconference’s complete customer relations department staring back at me. Here. We. Go. When they told me small over the phone, they had meant every word. But what I’ve learned very quickly (and this one I’ve had to learn over and over) is that it’s not about the quantity; it’s all about the quality. This small company is so closely knit that they are able to seamlessly work together in a small space and simultaneously output quality customer service. The quality of this company was obvious to me, from the amount of thank you cards strewn across the office from their customers, and the effort put into making business personal with their numerous clients (I got to try my hand at this one- whoop whoop!).

The word on the street when it comes to interns is that we do three things. Get coffee, cover the phones, and suck up. This summer (even with the already triple degree heat here in Texas) has been like a breath of fresh air, blowing that common idea away. Interning should be an opportunity to learn more about what you want to do for the rest of your life (scary, scary thought) from what a company teaches you and I think I applied to the right place for sure.

Because Accuconference is a small business, I was instantly included in what they were working on for marketing as well as the business of the company. I have been incorporated in operating some of the company’s scheduled conference calls, writing new content for the website, I’ve collaborated with others on an email campaign to bring in new business from our old customers, and within 48 hours of my first day, I had helped with a publication on the Android Marketplace. Seeing my own work out there on the internet for all to see is exhilarating! I was so proud of being a part of something that cool, so I immediately showed everyone after leaving work. Unfortunately no one was excited as I was- except my mom- but counting her is cheating. I’m still going to find a way to impress everyone else out there though… I just have to figure out how.

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