Is the Smart Car Safe?

Smart Car

Yes, we have all seen them driving around town. The Smart Car, but is it really that smart to drive one. What if you are in an accident? How will it stack up against a larger car or truck? After watching the video below I have to say I’m impressed, but still not sold on the idea of driving in something I can barely fit it. How many grocery bags can you actually fit in this thing. Enough about the space, what about the safety. I did find this quote from an article on

Still, in an accident, “the laws of physics can’t be repealed,” said Russ Rader of the Arlington, Va.-based Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. “Even with modern safety features like multiple air bags, people in small, light cars are always at a disadvantage in crashes.”

Understanding both views I would still rather take my chances in a larger car. This is a great time for cars and we are seeing some very cool alternatives to the gas engine. I just prefer my electric car to be a little larger.


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