Is There a Smile In Your Voice?

Smile in Your Voice

I know, I know, how does one smile with a voice? Dismiss the sheer mechanics and physic failures of that sentence and think about the underlying meaning.  We all deal with customers on a daily basis and no matter what you do, who you are, or what your job title is, you still have people you have to deal with. 

Since you never know what opportunities are lurking around the corner, when faced with a situation that you could be dealing with your next client, that smile should always be in your voice.  Sure, we have all fallen victim to the bad day syndrome, where we just feel like we’re going through the motions. How so we kick that feeling and get a smile back in our voices? Here are a couple of things we do in our office to get the smiles back:

-We have this board on the door to the office that we use to remind everyone of important calls that day.  When the call is over, it becomes a place to write down funny things we over hear in the office or some of the silly things that come out of our mouth when we’re talking to customers. Right now, there’s a message from the boss men telling us to be happy.

-Don’t be afraid to take a break from your desk. Sometimes, when I need to get up and detach for a second, I’ll just slip over to the window and look down at the cars. Sure, it’s the same cars every day, but at least it’s not my computer screens burning into my eyes.

-We laugh. Everyone here in the office gets along really well and we don’t have a problem taking a break to tell funny stories about things our kids have done, things our spouses said, anything really.  That little bit of laughter helps you to decompress, even if just for a second, you can let loose. 

It’s always been said that laughter is the best medicine. What are you doing to stay healthy?