It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane… It’s Your Customer!

Spot Light

In customer service, we all tend to think of ourselves as the “problem-solvers”. That’s what we are here for. To field questions and make sure that our customers walk away feeling informed or like their concern or situation had been handled quickly and efficiently. For the most part, companies create policies and programs that benefit their customers, crafting together services that can help to defeat all manner of villains. When you really think about it, customer service agents are a lot like the heroes that you remember from your childhood. They could solve any problem or mystery, always coming out on top in the end. We wanted to be like them because they helped people and saved the world, one bad guy at a time.

Commissioner Gordon turned on the Bat Signal to let Batman know Gotham City needed his help. As customer service reps, we wait for our phones to ring so we can swoop out of the dark and save the day. Have you ever given any thought to taking control of the signal and letting your customers save the day?   They have great ideas that come from using your service every day and knowing it well. Here are some ways that we have found to fire up the signal from the rooftops and send out a call for help.

Spam, no. Email yes. Run some reports and pull a database of clients that have open accounts, but haven’t taken advantage of your services for a while, if ever. Send them a friendly email to let them know you’re still here for them and make sure that everything worked out to their expectations.  There is nothing wrong with a follow up email or phone call, but don’t abuse the privilege.

Testify.As a rep, I love to hear from customers that are enjoying using the service. Don’t be afraid to reach out to some of your clients that you know are using the service and enjoying their experience and ask them to see if they would be willing to give you a short testimonial on why the service has worked so well for them.

Research. Knowing who your clients are is one thing but it’s another to actively seek out their opinions.  Put out a Newsletter and direct them to a short list of questions (no more than 5) about their experiences so far. You could also invite them to a monthly or quarterly conference call where you can field questions and suggestions. If you’re rolling out a new product, you can invite some clients to help you test the product.  Knowing the use and functionality to a client can help you to know if you should continue developing it, or scrap it all together.

Those are just a couple of ways that you can let your customer be the hero.  What are some other ways you’ve been using? Who knows? You may be on the verge of the next breakthrough.