It’s Not Too Late For Dessert!

After a long day I was on the way home and didn't feel like cooking when I got there.  I stopped by a Jack in the Box drive-thru—ordered those new mini-sirloin burgers—and pulled around to the window.  At this particular restaurant there were huge signs along the building.  The middle one was Jack the CEO saying, "Go ahead and treat yourself.  You deserve it!" 

The first and third huge signs were blown-up pictures of delicious desserts with captions that said, "It's not too late!  Order me at the window."  I didn't, but I did ask the lady handing me my food if anybody ever ordered dessert at the window.  "All the time," she said.  "Seriously, it happens a lot."

I've always thought that Jack the CEO was one of the most brilliant ad campaigns of all time.  But Jack is still an ad, still marketing used to send people to the restaurant.  These huge signs showing me sugary goodness are a great idea, but one that's been around.  What puts the cherry on top is giving me permission to treat myself, AND telling me it's still okay to order them… I haven't missed my opportunity.

It's a form of up-selling and impulse buying, I know.  But when combined with Jack the CEO, and the thumbing of their nose at conventional fast food protocol, it becomes unique and sheer genius.  I love genius!

I want to hear about how you have created something unique for your customers.  Leave a comment and tell me about your genius.