Just Keep Digging

I spent all day today trying to figure something out. It was a long process and not the first day I’d spent making calls about this particular issue. Just as I was about to throw something at the wall or start screaming at people, I took a deep breath, let my patience take over, and now here we are. Five hours after I started, I’m pretty sure we finally have a resolution.

How did I get through?  I kept digging. There was an answer to my question .. somewhere.  Even if I was getting frustrated, I had to just keep digging through it. Someone I spoke to was going to be able to help me. Someone was going to understand what I was saying and be able to infer what I needed and tell me how to fix it. It only took three people, I was like the Goldilocks of customer support.

The first person I talked to was unable to help.
The second couldn’t help, but she got the number of the people I needed to talk to.

And the third person I talked to was so helpful, I could have fallen at her feet and worshipped the ground she walked on.  Now, some would think that I was just trying to get a different answer from the same company. This wasn’t the case. I was trying to dig through the clutter of a problem that, honestly, I didn’t fully understand. There’s a difference between getting clarification and trying to get a different answer.

The second person that I talked to, she was very helpful, but gave me no different of a response that the first guy, but she did go the extra mile to help me dig out of my confusion. Sure, I had to make a third call to get it handled, but without the second rep, I never would have gotten to the third.

No matter how many calls you make, it can feel like you just get stuck. But don’t get discouraged.  Just keep digging, eventually; you’ll get to the right place. Can you dig it?