Kaitlyn Interns At AccuConference: Week 2

Week Two of our blog series from another one of our interns.

Post Written by: Kaitlyn

It is my fourth week at AccuConference. I am slowly adjusting to the whole 9-5 grown-up schedule. It hasn’t been bad; I’m just not a morning person. Other than that everything is great. One aspect of the office that I definitely have begun taking advantage of is the shelves and shelves of snacks in the break room. They don’t have some dinky vending machine where I have to pay 75¢ for a tiny bag of chips. It is literally three tall shelves, as well as the refrigerator, completely stocked with granola bars, chips, candy, popcorn, mac’n’cheese, water, cokes, energy drinks…and it’s all free. These people know how to keep their workers happy.

Aside from constantly stuffing my face, I’ve learned a number of things during my few weeks here. In terms of myself, I have learned that I am better at business writing than I thought I would be. I think it still surprises me when I email one of my writings to Byrd and he tells me he likes it. I just never imagined myself being decent at anything like that and it turns out I have a bit of a knack for it. I have learned a multitude about search engine optimization, linking, and keyword search. I have also learned the importance of continuous discovery. As soon as Laura and I got here, Byrd had us log in to Google Reader and subscribe to a number of blogs belonging to marketing specialists with innovative ideas. These people talk about new marketing strategies and tools, link building, SEO, important communication News and announcements, and everything in between. Books are recommended to us many times a week, and we watch videos of popular speakers who make presentations on new ways to look at things. I have learned that no matter how old a company may be, there is always room for improvement and we should always be open to learning how to change things up.

On new office developments, Laura and I got our own desks last week. I have a sweet corner desk facing two windows. Being the first set of interns, there wasn’t an established spot for us to sit, so we had been working in the conference room. Everyone was glad to do some rearranging and get some desks set up for us. My thought was, “We’re the interns, shouldn’t we be the ones doing the grunt work?” But everyone had stopped what they were doing and jumped up to move furniture around. This evidence of everyone’s great desire to help each other out becomes more obvious to me each day that I’m here.

In the meantime, I am kept busy typing out content for the website, writing articles, and composing marketing messages to be viewed by customers. The best part is that the things I write are actually being used for the business. It’s exciting to see my work portfolio growing and to know that I already have so much to show potential employers when I begin job-hunting for my future career.