Laura Lee Interns at AccuConference: Week 3

Third in the series from our interns. Laura Lee also learned the elevator rules and enjoyed free ice cream for volunteering to go pick up the treats for the office

Well, I was not disappointed. Last Monday was the Fourth of July and the building management here threw a regular party complete with hot dogs, cookies and cold ones. I’m talking about lemonade and fruit punch here people; don’t be too jealous. On that note, the official countdown has begun. No, not the days left until I leave and go back to Oklahoma State (home sweet home), but the countdown to my 21st birthday which takes place at the end of this month. The magic date is July twenty sixth. So as my final days of being the ripe old age of 20 come to a close, I’ve been learning some cool things on the job. Last week we learned how to file with the United States government for a trademark, since we are creating new products and don’t want anyone else to steal our ideas. The process is a lengthy one, but being here at the company has taught me that our ideas (especially in the marketing world) are what really sell and what keeps the company going, so why not put a trademark on it?

I was sent on my first ‘intern run’ this week; which included getting the office ice cream from Braums down the street. I can’t really count it though- I completely supported the mission as ice cream is my one and only staple food…and they paid for my ice cream as payoff for going to get the goods. But I did feel more like a typical intern taking down everyone’s orders and money.

I am also learning a lot about etiquette in a business environment. For example: why do men ‘hold’ the elevator door for women? It seems very gentlemanlike, but the concept is just strange to me. Instead of letting the girl go first they jump in the elevator and then stick out their arm on the elevator door. That took some getting used to! The first time that happened I literally thought the guy was going to karate chop me as his hand flew out the elevator. But I’ve learned to dodge out of the way of the karate chop and gracefully say thanks to the gentleman holding my elevator door so gallantly.

When I am confused about something (this actually happens a lot- surprising I know!) there is no sweating over if I should ask someone or not. The atmosphere here is very much like that of a big family. I think that being in a welcoming environment is key to learning, and I am learning a lot.