Lead Your Meeting

When you need to have a meeting about small group projects or announce updates to company policy, it is the perfect reason to hop on a conference call. With the smaller call and less people on the phone, you might have the feeling that you can kick off the formalities and let it get a little casual right?

Wrong. Just because it’s a smaller conference call doesn’t mean that you don’t need some structure. Is full on lecture mode needed for calls with four or five people? Probably

not, but you are still going to want to give the people you’re inviting some little pointing in the right direction. Sometimes, encouraging things to be a little more casual can cause everything to be a little more chaotic.

Here are some helpful tips to keeping the peace without having to slap on the lecture mode and make people take turns.

  • Prior to the meeting, send out an agenda, even if it is brief. Include objectives to keep everyone on task and encourage others to suggest what else might need to be covered.
  • Invite only the people who are necessary to attend the conference. For company policy updates, you might consider just inviting the managers and letting them filter the News to their employees.
  • It will help to keep down on the clutter.
  • Encourage everyone on the conference to participate, so that no one has to listen to one person talk endlessly. With that being said, don’t be afraid to stand up against argumentative and disagreeable types. When you have an open call, everyone should take turns, otherwise as the leader you can just press the lecture mode command and shut everyone up.

Remember that every meeting and conference call doesn’t have to be super serious and include full PowerPoint presentation. You can keep things orderly and effective by providing a little bit of structure even when the conference is really small. Are you planning for your small conferences in advance or just playing them by ear?