Making Conference Calls Better For Your Team

What is the definition of a great conference call? Is it the successful transmission of information? Is it connecting with the team? I think for each person it really depends. What works for one person may not work for another. And, in reality, it is both successful transmission of information and connecting with the team and more. To get that more, it requires a close look at a few conference call factors.

1. Consider who’s on the call. Do you know that one person prefers more interaction with others on the call? Do you know which people prefer to listen and interject their comments only when necessary? Then the question becomes how to make it work for both.

2. Consider learning and working styles when preparing conference agendas. Do you have auditory learners with verbal learners or visual learners? Utilizing handouts, and PowerPoint, and speaking covers all the learning and working styles and makes sure that everyone leaves the conference feeling like they kept up and learned something.

3. Ask conference attendees for feedback. If you’ve decided not to prepare handouts, you will hear about it more than likely. If you’ve made a decision about putting everyone on mute, is that what everyone wants? Can you explain your decision when pressed?

4. Experiment a bit. Add a Q&A session, allow an attendee to lead the call, allow attendees to Twitter the call as it happens, try a web conference or a video conference, whatever you think may make the conference call a better experience for your attendees.

5. Make sure the work gets done, but make it enjoyable. Sure, the overarching goal of a conference call is to get the job done, but can you also joke around (appropriately) and run contests and play guessing games and trivia. This is an essential part of a successful conference after all. Helping a team interact and share integral information with each other.

However, your mileage might vary. Are there specific things you’ve tried in recent conference calls that worked especially well? Do you have a process you use to ascertain whether or not your conference calls work well for your team/attendees? If so, please leave a comment. We at Accuconference desire to find the best information about successful conferences to give to you, but we know sometimes the most helpful tips come from our clients.