Market Like A Gleek

I was watching Glee the other night (love it) and I started to think about why I am into this show. If you really step outside and look at the show, it isn’t that great. I started asking some of my friends who also enjoy the show, asking them why they tune in every week to watch an hour long program that has as much singing and dancing as a Broadway musical. After getting their responses, I have determined that Glee is a marketing machine. What have the writers and producer of this show done that we can apply to our everyday business?

1.) They know who they are selling to.
My husband does not like Glee and I love it. The writers and producers of Glees know that when it comes to my living room I’m the one who’s watching, not him. So they market the show to me. The songs that they chose are songs that their demographic will navigate towards, like Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”.
•  How can you learn?  When you’re selling, know who you’re selling too – it’s the most important part of sales and marketing that can be grasped. How do you know how to define your techniques if you don’t know who your customer is?
2.) Guest stars and themed nights.
This week’s episode featured Neil Patrick Harris where he was one half of a duet of “Dream On” by Aerosmith. Glee also centers their episodes on artists, hosting Madonna night a few weeks ago, and bringing Lady GaGa to the show choir world for the season finale next week.
How can you learn? Never underestimate the power of a guest speaker or inviting someone to keynote your event.  They always bring something special to an event and the right speaker will make your event something that attendees will be excited about.
3.) I was one of these kids. While I have never known the horrific feeling of a frozen beverage in my face, I was a member of the choir at my school. When I watch Glee, I can relate to these kids, I know what it’s like to not fit in among the jocks and cheerleaders. I laugh because if I had known then what I know now it would have been different.
  How can you learn? It’s a matter of being able to relate to our audience. A way that we can put our hand on someone’s shoulder and say “Hey, its okay, I’ve been there.” As a speaker, you should give great tips to your audience and tell them how you were in their position not too long ago. The more an audience relates to you, the more they will come back.
While I’m personally supporting the speaker who grabs a microphone and starts singing in the middle of a presentation a’la Glee, that’s not always a plan for your conferences. Define who you need to sell to and how you can relate to them, and you might find yourself pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Are you already applying these tactics? Have they worked for you?