Mommie Dearest

I love Mother’s Day. I’m not a mother myself (someday) but I am lucky to have a wonderful relationship with mine. 

The story is that when I was five, my mother went to work 3rd shift in the cotton mill to help us make ends meet. She then spent the next ten years working 12 hour shifts and getting to spend time with my brother and I twice a month.  On the Saturdays she was off, my dad would take my brother out of the house, and my mom and I would watch Turner Classic Movies. For some reason, it was like on Saturday afternoon the only movie played was Mommie Dearest, starring the iconic Faye Dunaway. My mother has always been a bit of a neat freak, so after seeing the “no wire hangers” scene a couple of times (a rule my mother actually implemented in our home, though with not nearly as severe consequences) we started to refer to each other as Mommie Dearest and Maranda Darling.

In fact, I just sent her flowers and the card says I love you, Mommie Dearest. The florist was slightly freaked out.

It’s our thing though and it’s something that I will always remember my mom for and despite the weirdness of the memory, it’s the fact that I got to hang with her and watch movies that matters most.

On Sunday, I’m going to take her out to dinner and clean her house for her.

What’s your favorite memory with your mom and what are your plans this Mother’s Day?

And of course, happy Mother’s Day to all those out there — especially you, Mommie Dearest.