Netflix Introduces Streaming App for iDevices

The Netflix application that has been so popular on iPads was made available for iPhone and iPhone touch users today.

The free app, version 1.1.0, universalizes television and movie streaming for the iOS-based devices and is a move that will spearhead Netflix’s mobile penetration plan

The 15 million-plus users who have Netflix memberships, which start at $8.99 a month, can now view all of the movies available for streaming directly through the app.

I snagged the app and tapped into my basic membership as soon I heard to indulge in some streaming-goodness. I played a snippet from the Big Lebowski and the dude looked pristine as ever over my iPhone screen. The load time was surprisingly quick over 3G too—probably just as fast as my iMac at home. I connected some speakers for a little surround sound and almost forgot I was at work!

Also, I was pleased to see that the iPhone/iTouch version was formatted for the smaller devices, unlike the iPad which uses the same interface as the Netflix site. Tabs along the bottom let you browse genres, search for specific movies and put movies in your Instant Que. Little play buttons display over the movie covers so clicking and playing is pretty simple.

The app’s only demerit is that you can’t even view the titles of movies that aren’t available for streaming. Which means, I can’t manage my normal queue on the go, only the instant queue is accessible.