Office Cows

Every office has a sound. It may be the pitter patter of keyboards or the humming of a photocopier or the ringing of phones or the beeping of computers. These are rather innocuous… other sounds may include obnoxious thought-stopping laughter or distracting gossip in the cubicle next-door or incessant mooooing from cows.

What… you don’t have cows mooing at your office?

At our office someone discovered an Outlook feature that lets them customize the sound their computer makes when it receives email. Popular sounds include a cow mooing and a high pitched cartoon that says “Oh, No!”

You’d think this would be problematic since we’re on the phone a lot, but it’s not.  Thanks to noise cancellation our customers only hear what they’re supposed to hear. Since our conference call system removes distracting background noises we can continue on with our office antics.