Old Dog, New Tricks

There’s an old cliche about teaching an old dog new tricks. Having recently taught an elderly basset hound how to speak on command I’m afraid I have to disagree. Now, my cute baby wasn’t going to bark for no reason. I had to entice her somehow. I had to show her that there was a benefit for what she was going to do for me. This benefit came in the form of a Milk Bone. Old dog + Milk Bone = New Trick. Simple enough, right?

If you’re looking for innovation in a department that has always operated in a certain way, there’s a chance you get could get some resistance.

Most companies are familiar with the idea of an audio conference. It makes sense. Get everyone on the phone together and everyone talks about the same thing at the same time. As technology has grown, so have the things you can do through a conference provider. If you think it might be time to step up your game a bit, it might be time to put some Milk Bones on the table.

Remember to dive in slowly. If you are working with a team of people who might be resistant to change or confused by new technologies, you want to introduce them slowly. Introduce them to something like simple PowerPoint sharing first.

When you’re trying to introduce the unfamiliar you should always do it slowly. Throwing someone into the water and telling them to sink or swim won’t give anyone any confidence with a new technology. Encourage them to try out the software with different people and let them do test runs. Be available for questions and call your conference provider to set up a demonstration with your company or department, so if there are questions you can’t answer, you have someone on the phone who can take the lead.

Remind your team why this is a good option. It’s on demand, always available, without printouts or handouts, no travel, and it saves you money.

What do you think? Can you teach an old dog new tricks?