Old School

Not too long ago, I was working on a blog post and was jotting down my notes on a legal pad, to which I was asked, “Are you actually writing… with a pen?” Why yes, yes I am. Some people still do this. I didn’t think much of it until this morning when I was talking to my friend Rachel. She didn’t have her computer today and she was trying to write, but she gave up.  Why?

“My brain was on the second paragraph but my hand was still on the second line. I just can’t keep up with my thoughts.” 

Are we really that spoiled? Is it really that our brains have been trained so much by the computers in front of us that we can’t create without them? I can’t be the only person who appreciates the idea of putting pen to paper. There’s something about the way my hand is in perfect coordination with my brain, like I’m writing a symphony instead of a blog post. 

I suggest anyone who considers themselves a writer, the next time you have a flash of inspiration, instead of reaching for your laptop or cell, grab an actual pen and start writing – on paper. Yes, they still make paper. 

Let me know how it goes.