Personal Video Conferencing

On September 9, 2008, Andrew Wertz watched the birth of his son… from 7,000 miles away. The Marine Lance Cpl. was stationed in Iraq and when the time came, the non-profit charity organization, Freedom Calls, arranged for a video conference. The foundation also allows soldiers to attend weddings, graduations, parent/teacher conferences, and visit with dying relatives.

You probably use video conferencing for you business, but what about your personal life? It seems easier to just pick up the phone, or go visit, but what about when you are on a business trip? When was the last time you “saw” your mother?

Video conferencing doesn’t have to be solely for business. You have friends and relatives that you don’t see but once or twice a year, why not get them to join a video conference? It could be said that chatting more during the year will make for nothing to talk about at Christmas, but the opposite is true. When you connect year-round you discover more about your friends and relatives. This gives you more to talk about in person. And since you saw them on your computer screen, you know how they really feel about Cousin Jack’s new hobby.

Think about it, how long do those “catching up” conversations really last? You can have more fulfilling and less superficial talks when the conversation begins with, “Hey, I thought about what you said last month…”

Posted by George Page, Communication Specialist