Proceed As Planned?

Do you value time? Not your own, but someone else's. The thought for this blog post came to me this morning as I made what is usually a pretty calm commute into the city. Not once, but twice did I get cut off and nearly hit by people who were in a big hurry. It's not surprising to run into bad drivers but as the thought "I'm sure they are just in a hurry" crossed my mind, I quickly started to argue with myself.

Sure they are in a hurry but I am trying to get to work too. If that driver cuts me off and I rear end him, not only will he end up being late, even after all that, so will I. Frankly, that's not acceptable. We should be looking after each other when it comes to time that we spend doing things for other people. Something like a conference call can be set up days, weeks, even months in advance.

When it comes time to be ready for your meeting, you should be, but that doesn't always mean that you are. There are times when you don't get the numbers you need, when something happens in your personal life, whatever can happen, it very well might. Don't be afraid to reschedule. Send out an apology and let everyone know that you're sorry, but at this time you'll have to rearrange the conference for another time.

I firmly believe that people would rather reschedule a meeting than to have to listen to you when you don't really have anything to say. So what do you think? Is last-minute scheduling a good idea or a bad idea? Is it better to get everyone together and tell them you'll have to try again or should you just proceed as planned?