Quality or Quantity

I took part in #blogchat on Twitter Sunday night and an interesting conversation arose from @prosperitygal who asked, “Do you think you have to blog once a day to be a “real Blogger?” This is a great question because it comes down to objectivity.  Everyone is going to have a different take on this question.  It really depends on how you feel about blogging and why you are blogging. 

Some people feel that there is no such thing as a real blogger because anyone with a blog and a keyboard can call themselves that. Others will tell you that posting everyday will count as content and boost your rankings, and while that is very true, I have to say I disagree.

I think that bloggers have a responsibility to say something meaningful. My mom always told me that if I was going to speak up in a conversation, I needed to make sure what I said was relevant. Basically, that I shouldn’t try to speak just so I could say “okay, I spoke, check that off the list.”   Look at Outspoken Media – the team posts something new every day, but for me, it’s always a good read. There’s always an underlying thought or a greater conversation to be had.  They don’t post blogs for the sake of posting blogs. Maybe you dislike Outspoken Media; maybe you’d rather gouge your eyes out than to see one more post – that’s why this is such a great question. 

You can also take a look at UnMarketing, who has had 5 posts between now and back in April (one of my favorites being this one about blogging frequency). Both of these sites are top notch blogs in my opinion, but they both have different styles, and I enjoy reading both blogs. 

When it comes to blogging, I think its quality over quantity. I don’t care if you post on your blog once an hour, as long as it’s written well and has a purpose. It’s very easy to talk about creating “good” content but I don’t feel like that phrase really has a meaning, because what is good to me may not be good to you. If you post once a week and I like what you have to say, I’ll keep coming back.  Personally, I think that hitting send and putting something on your blog, just so it makes your analytics happy is a waste of time.  Sure, I might read it for a few days, but once I realize your content bores me, I won’t be reading it anymore. 

For me, a “real” blogger is someone who can make me think, make me laugh, or make me cry with every post. We are all victims to our hits and misses – things we think will be great, but it didn’t warrant a lot of traffic, but I honestly think that in the end, it’s what you say and not just how often you say something. 

In the end, my rules don’t apply for everyone, but I truly feel like it’s a great writer who makes a blog, and not how often they post on their blog. What do you think? Is it quality or quantity that keeps a reader coming back for more?