Skype Gets Multitasking on iPhones

Skype is now available for multitasking on the iOS 4, a perk that allows for background VoIP compatibility.

Users with the most updated version of the app will get a pop up message when they’re called or messaged via Skype, allowing them access the call immediately. The app can run in the background, meaning that it doesn’t have to be open on the screen to detect the calls.

Even when the iPhone is on the lock screen, simply sliding the unlock bar after the popup shows will take you directly to the call or message.

Background compatibility is not yet accessible for video conferencing because of a Terms of Use controversy that cropped up with Fring, which banned Skype earlier in the year.

With the ban set in place by Fring, any ability to video chat on the iPhone was effectively halted, except for Apple’s Facetime.