Speaker Phone Do’s

Speaker phones are one of the greatest things ever to someone who holds a lot of conference calls. Even if you don’t conference much, there are still times when you are eternally grateful for your speaker phone. However, as convenient as a speaker phone can be there are times when it can cause a bit of distraction. Rather than spend an entire post telling you what you shouldn’t do, let’s talk a little about some good speaker phone etiquette on your next conference call.

• Sound check. Think of it like this – you’re standing in a conference room and speaking in front of a crowd of people. You sound great, but if you were to take a megaphone, press your mouth against it, and speak in the exact same tone your voice would sound distorted.  Megaphones amplify the sound of your voice and a speaker phone works the same way. Little things can affect the sound quality of your speaker phone.  Call into your conference line with a co-worker and do a sound check. Adjust your volume levels and distance from the microphone to get the best sound possible.

• Location, location, location.  It can’t be stressed enough that using a speaker phone is going to pick up everything around you. It’s even going to pick up your own voice bouncing back into the speaker. Be mindful of the place you’ve chosen to join your conference. The smaller the room, the closer the walls, and the louder your voice will reverb into your speaker, and it could cause problems with feedback or echoing.

• Enable speakerphone after you’ve successfully joined your conference. Remember when you were a kid and put your face by a fan and said “Luke, I am your father”? The movement of the air by the blades distorted your voice, and a speakerphone will pick up the most subtle of movements in the air. Like your voice blowing through the fan the sounds of the buttons you’re pressing can get distorted. Enter the digits for your conference call before putting your call into speaker mode.  

So there you go. Three very simple “do’s” for using your speaker phone on a conference call.  Do you use a speaker phone on your conference?