Spend the Day At Home

We all know the large scale reasons to have a conference call: save on your bottom line, keep up production, and the like.  I’ve thought of a few other reasons that you may not think about until you’ve spent the day at your home office.

You were embarrassed to buy those fuzzy slippers, so you should wear them all day
. Wasn’t it painful taking them up to the register and trying not to make eye contact with the person ringing you up? When you slid your card through the machine you hoped that no one was paying attention to your name on the card and that no one will know that Bob Smith bought fuzzy house slippers. So go ahead, stay in them, you earned it.

Let’s be honest, it’s cold outside. Most of the United States has some form of winter precipitation hanging around.  That means its cold outside. Don’t be ashamed to step outside, pull your jacket, only to turn around and go back inside. I’m not going to judge you. The DFW area got a foot of snow a few weeks ago and it was the craziest thing I have ever seen. I do however reserve the right to point and laugh at you when its 80 degrees in the middle of July and you complain that it’s hot.
Those leftovers aren’t going to eat themselves.
  There are some things that just taste better the next day, like chili and lasagna. These are also items that are cooked in bulk, which means there are going to be a lot of leftovers. So why not stay at home, have a conference call, and help yourself to a second helping of chili? I like mine with tons of shredded cheese.

Kick off –or on—your fuzzy slippers and hang out in the nice warm house today.