Tandberg Announces New Video Phones For Public Places

The future is here! Remember those movies where the star is walking through an airport or coffee shop “some time” in the future and stops to make an important video call? OK so maybe it’s just me but in any case that scenario appears to be closer than you may think. Tandberg USA, a leader in the videoconferencing products industry has announced the release of the Tandberg Compass. From the Tandberg Website:

Innovative, fully-integrated solution designed for public spaces. With simple controls, users can easily tap into resources such as information help desks, travel services and translation assistance.

Could this be a common scene in every airport, department store, mall, or anywhere you see payphones today? It would seem that’s a more than likely possibility. These endpoints specifically designed for immediate f

ace-to-face information access in public spaces. That of course raises a few privacy concerns. Would you want to use a video phone to talk to your loved ones that anyone standing behind you can see? What about business applications. Sure it’s a great way to visually get the message accross but with eavesdroppers just feet awayhow secure is that? It’s more than likely the first issue this would pose for whatever venue attempting to impelment this is creating a privacy booth around the phone. But then, would it be abused? Would Joe User take a moment to call his fiance for a private peek show at the airport on his way to a business meeting? Would that be appropriate? How would federal wire tapping laws apply?

The desire for personal video communications is and will continue to be there. The only questions is what will we do with it once we get it.