Telecommuting = Work from Home

As you may have read, a San Fransico Bay Area bridge collapsed on Saturday. A gasoline truck caught on fire and caused the upper overpass to collapse on the highway below. Luckily nobody died.

The governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has declared the area a state of emergency. Authorities say that the crash is the worst disruption for commuters since the 1989 earthquake. Approximately 280,000 cars will be affected by this accident.

Citizens have been encouraged to start Telecommuting. Unfortunately, many people are not familiar with this technology and are not equipped to use it.

What is telecommuting and how do you get started?

Telecommuting (a.k.a. working from home) eliminates the daily commute. This is done by setting up a virtual office enabling you to access important office information without being at the office.  A virtual office lets you have access to your email and office network. Also, it enables your phone to ring at your home instead of your office. Recent technology now lets you take the office on-the-road.

AccuConference can assist with this telecommuting process. Our Accu800 service provides a toll-free phone number that can re-route to any location. You can use the same toll-free number regardless of what phone you are using or where you are at. You can participate in business meetings and conference calls from home, in your car, or at a local restaurant.

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