The Big Joke

Anyone who’s ever been on a conference call, hosted a meeting, or even works in an office needs to watch this video right now.

I laughed so hard at David Grady’s perfect impression of a standard phone meeting. You start, you stop, someone joins the wrong call – honestly, it’s five minutes of humor that says, “Here’s what NOT to do on your next conference.”

After you watch that quick stand up and wipe the tears from your eyes – think about the last conference you tried to do. What went wrong? Was it filled with some or all the issues David makes fun of? Here are five things you can do for your next meeting that will keep it from becoming a big joke.

  1. Turn off intro tones.
  2. Mute participant lines with lecture mode for any conferences over ten participants.
  3. Set individual participant codes for repeating meetings for each person who will be attending
  4. That way you can skip the roll call and save time – just go back and check your conference history later.
  5. Set up different conference lines so each department can have their own “room”. This way you don’t have to worry about a participant calling into the wrong line at the wrong time. It’s especially useful when you have conferences that need to be secure.
  6. Send out a meeting agenda so that everyone knows why you are meeting. That way if you get interrupted you don’t have to start all over so that everyone knows why you’re holding the conference in the first place.

While it’s hilarious to think about all the funny things that seem to go wrong in conferences, it’s important to remember that it’s still a meeting and there’s business to be conducted. What are some of your funny stories and what did you do to prevent that same situation from happening again?