The day in the life of a CEO – staying relevant and accessible*

I’m sure you already know this, and that you’re already doing a great job staying relevant and accessible to your customers; but I wanted to share with you how I do it with Accu800.

The alarm rings every morning at 5:45am. I lean over, rub the sleep out of my eyes and switch on my Blackberry. I don’t check my messages until after breakfast, but my phone stays on in case of emergencies. As I dash out the door, I check my voicemail, emails and toll free faxes.

The painstakingly slow commute starts at 6:20am so I use that time to listen to recorded conference calls. My employees each have an Accu800 toll-free number so that they can record, download and send me applicable client calls, business meetings and job interviews. I can fast-forward through to the important stuff and pause it when I need to throw quarters in the toll-booth.

A friendly face greets me at 7:15 am with a warm cup of coffee. I change the toll-free forwarding location to my office for the time being. The toll free number makes it easy and affordable for my east-coast clients to reach me. A stampede of calls usually ensues about this time.

Most days I’m away from my desk putting out fires, overseeing projects and attending meetings – but my 800 number follows me wherever I go. Whether I’m at home, at the office, or on-the-road, my toll-free number can ring at any location.  Gone are the days of lonely voicemails that sit on my machine for hours.

I retreat from the office at 1:00pm to workout at the gym. I forwarded my calls to an assistant who happens to be a rigorous note taker. I love having a number that can be forwarded to anyone at any location at anytime. And if I wanted, I can travel overseas and still be reached toll-free

In the afternoon I activate and record my own conference calls on-route to visit distributors. I know that I could probably spend more time in the office but the one thing I love most about my job is the face-to-face interactions and the handshake negotiations. If I talk about something important while on a conference call in my car, I email the recording or have it transcribed.

When business is booming I won’t even sit at my desk. Accu800 follows me wherever I go and utilizes the latest technology so that I can stay accessible at all times.

* this is a fictitious account of how a CEO would use Accu800.