The Extra Mile

A few days ago, I took a call from a customer who had a lot of questions. After burning calories running back and forth to Rob’s office to get the answers, the customer told me a story that stuck with me.

The long and short of it goes like this:  There are three men with the same job description working at a ship yard who are all paid differently.  The dock manager is explaining why each man has a different salary when a ship comes in and each of the three men go to meet the new ship.

The first worker comes back an hour later and tells the manager the ship is from Russia and has some kind of plastic toy on it.

The second worker comes back three hours later and tells the manager that the ship is from Russia, has baby dolls on it, and the dolls are 50 dollars for a bundle.

Two days later, the two workers and the manager find the third worker asleep on the floor in the office and wake him up, “Where have you been?”

The third worker tells the manager that the ship that came in was from Russia and had plastic baby dolls selling for 50 dollars a bundle. He also let the manager know that he had called a buyer in New York that he remembered was asking about plastic dolls and negotiated a selling price of 200 dollars a bundle. He also prepared a proposal that was waiting for the manager’s approval. The third worker makes nearly twice of the first, even though they all have the same “job title.”

What’s the moral of the story?  Well, those who go above the call of duty are ultimately rewarded. Whether you are doing it for a customer, or simply because it’s what needs to be done, it’s noticed and appreciated. How are you going to go above the call of duty today?