The Fight to Provide You Internet in the Skies

Places on this planet where you cannot get an internet signal are becoming rare.  However, you can still find yourself unable to check email or Facebook while flying between internet imbued destinations.  The reigning king of wireless in the skies has been GoGo Inflight Internet, but Southwest Airlines internet provider Row 44 plans to downgrade GoGo’s seat.

Row 44 secured $37 million in funding to expand their service to other airlines, possibly ones that are currently customers of GoGo.  The primary advantage Row 44 will bring to the table is not how passengers will get their internet, but how the internet will get to the plane. 

Most airline internet providers–including GoGo–use ground-based antennae to bounce the internet into passing planes.  Row 44 will use its new capital to lease more time on Hughes Network satellites.  Not tethered to the ground, Row 44 will be able to beam internet access to any flight, even while over oceans.