The Fray Gets In Over Their Heads with The National Anthem

In high school, as part of a competition choir group, we were often asked to perform the National Anthem at different sporting events and activites around our community. The one thing I can clearly remember is our sweet choir teacher telling us that we would take it seriously or we would not participate. I can only imagine if I would have shown up on the field holding a tamborine. I would have neverbeen invited back.

So imagine my surprise when last night at the NCAA Championship Game, The Fray steps out with their guitars, a drum, and a tamborine. (Oh yes, a tamborine) You are welcome to watch it for yourself but lets just say, well, it was awful. In fact, it was worse than Roseanne Barr and she has the unfortunate title of “worst Star-Spangled Banner Ever”. Truthfully, that title may be in question after last nights unessecary attempt by The Fray to change the National Anthem.


I didn’t recognize it at first. In fact, I thought it was the “warm up” act or “America the Beautiful”. As the guitar started to play in an off tempo, somewhat awkward beat, and the singing began, I felt my mouth fall open. The camera panned the crowd and even as they held their hands over their hearts, their mouths and facial movements seemed confused, scared even. When it was finally over, there was an awkward moment, and then applause – but it felt subdued, less like a celebration and more like relief. Relief that it was over and relief that the game was about to begin.

My boss put it best when he said You don’t cover the National Anthem.

So to the Fray – I ask, in a manner indicitative of the resepct you showed the National Anthem – why didn’t you just light the flag on fire and run away? Exactly who do you think you are that you need to be the ones to change the entire tempo, tone, and musical accompaniment to the Star-Spangled Banner? Even if your guitar had been in tune it would still have been awful.

What a lesson in humility this should be for all of us. Getting asked to perform the National Anthem would be a huge honor for anyone. Even as a teenager in a choir group I understood that. I also understood that my lack of respect for the moment would mean that I would not get to participate.

It’s a perfect example of how we get ourselves in the thought process that we need to change something. There are some things that work just fine without the help of some 2nd rate hipster pop group. The lesson to be learned from The Fray? There are some things that are so perfect and amazing in their own right that they do not need your “personal touch”. Being asked to sing the National Anthem is no different than making a presentation at a conference or writing a blog for someone else. When you’re invited to someone else’s stage you have to respect the nature of the stage. If you have been asked to post on a blog that has never posted a curse word, it wouldn’t be respectful to include a bunch of them in your submission to the site.

Also, if you’re desperate to get that horrible performance out of your mind – here are two that I’ve always really thought were top notch.