The Meat of The Problem

I just spent nine dollars on a cheeseburger and fries, which doesn’t usually bother me, but today it did. I spent nine dollars and my lunch did not live up to my expectations. Sure it was edible, but it was lacking. When trying to decide what was wrong with my cheese burger, I realized there were just too many extras and not enough substance.

I started to think if we are guilty of not having the best “meat” on your products and services.  If you sell jeans, are you throwing fancy zippers and buttons on the denim while producing a product that completely shreds when you wear them? When buying a pair of jeans, we’re looking for something that is, at the bottom line, durable, aside from being pretty. Think about brands that make a killing on offering basic pairs of jeans that don’t shred apart in the dryer.

A brand that has earned my trust by providing reliability in the most basic sense is the one that I will be more likely to spend more with in the future. Extras are great but it doesn’t seem like you should neglect the basic product you’re offering.

So what do you think? Is the meat of the burger the most important part or should you focus on the added extras. Is your product worth anything if you can’t provide the basics?