The Video Conference Zone – The Twilight Zone Revisited

So your starting up video conferencing at your company or university or non-profit organization and want to really know what you’re in for and how to avoid the most common problems? Well go online and check out the video on the University of Washington TV’s “How to” production video webpage. You can do this by going to “the video conference zone“.

The video is a take off of the classic 60’s television show “The Twilight Zone” and shows you, for real, what things that can, but shouldn’t, happen in your video conference or distance learning class. It is really quite humorous and if you have ever video conferenced before or taken any distance learning classes, you will recognize some of the classic faux pas.

Of particular note are the great suggestions the moderator, a Rod Serling clone, has for video conferences in which there are multiple sites participating. One of the best is to have one moderator at each site who orchestrates that sites interactions and an “uber” moderator whose job is to be sure that all sites are cooperating and functioning so the video conference maximizes its return for all participants.

Even if you have done a lot of video conferencing, the “Zone” is definitely worth a look, even if just for the chuckle.