Things to Consider When Hosting a Webinar

So you’ve decided to host a webinar. What can you do to maximize enrollment and to make it an experience that your participants will want to repeat? First and foremost, be sure you research your hosting vendor carefully because not all are created equal. You want to look for someone who has a system that can work with a variety of operating systems, who is reliable, provides scalable service, and that is customer service oriented. Look for those that have application sharing, polling, and chat and recording features. These give you added flexibility in planning your event.

A second thing to seriously consider is using a meeting consultant. Good companies will provide this as part of their service. These consultants will help instruct you about best practices and will train you to carry out a successful webinar. Many times they will also be present during the event to help with anything that might come up.

Lastly, be sure the content of your webinar is top notch. You have to offer, and deliver, something that is more than just generally knowledge for a participant to get really fired up. Adding someone or a company that has broad name recognition can really boost your attendance. Whatever you do, keep the slides simple and leave plenty of white space so if people print them out, they have room to write in your words of wisdom.