Think Twice … Then Think Again

There are a hundred blogs out there that talk about using Twitter for business and what an effective tool it is for customer service. I think that sometimes, we often fail to draw the correlation between using Twitter for business and using Twitter for ourselves. Personally, I have separate Twitter accounts for business and me, and I’ve been known to tweet a certain cable company a time or two for assistance. Why? Because I can get better service from their Twitter account than I can over the phone (which is another blog for another day) but sometimes, I let my fingers fly before I really think about it. I’ve seen people just lose it on businesses before and I try not to do that. I’m learning, as I go along, how to think before I tweet… and then how to think again. Next time, before you tweet, ask yourself:

  1. If this were sent to my business Twitter account, how would I feel? Would I feel attacked – like I haven’t been given a chance to correct the issue, before finding some nasty @ replies to me? I know you’re upset and you feel like you haven’t gotten outstanding service, but if it’s the first time you’ve contacted the business about the issue, give them a chance to fix your problem, before you get upset.
  2. What am I really upset about? Is this a problem that you are continuing to have with the business that never seems to get fixed correctly? Take my cable company issue – it’s the same and only problem that I ever seem to have. The same problem over and over again leads me to Tweet.

If you can’t give yourself solid answers to these two questions, then you should probably walk away from your computer. Blasting a business for the sake of blasting them isn’t going to get you very far and it’s not going to do you any favors. I think we have all been guilty of saying something that we didn’t mean to say and Twitter is a really powerful tool for connecting with the people we do business with – but that doesn’t mean that sometimes, we don’t say things that we shouldn’t. Do you think before you Tweet?