To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade

Did you watch the coverage of the World Wide Developers Conference yesterday?
I have an iPhone and I’m loyal to my iPhone, so to see the information about the iPhone 4 was exciting for me. I have to decide
what I want to do. Stick with my 3G or upgrade?
With the EVO setting sales records since Friday, there was excitement and buzzing on the internet for all of the details of the iPhone 4.
Personally up until today I have been happy with the 3G. Some things that were brought up today makes me seriously consider an upgrade.
iMovie: I love to edit videos just for fun.  With iMovie, I can do all of that right from the phone, and even add music that I’ve purchased
through iTunes. Plus, I can upload it or send it out right from my phone. (iMovie app will be: $4.99)
Video:  I personally haven’t been able to understand how this feature required a special phone (the 3G to the 3GS) when my Blackjack2 could manage
to record and store video. That’s another subject for another day I suppose, but it is a reason why I wouldn’t mind the upgrade to the iPhone 4.
Those are the two biggest reasons I am considering an upgrade. It looks like a lot of the features of the operating system will be avaliable with
the free software upgrade will transfer over. What did you think? Did you have a moment where you wanted to upgrade? Do you even care?

Update on the Evo: In a previous post, I mentioned we had a couple of people in the office trying them out. I was informed they are all going back due to poor battery life, ranging from 4-7 hours of life.