Top 5 Songs On My iPod For Work

I don’t know how you operate, but when I’m really focused and trying to pump out my “great content”, I need music in my ears. I usually listen to it loud enough to make everyone around me cringe, but I can’t seem to help but when I hear a great song, I have to turn up the volume. Since its Friday – I thought I’d share some of my favorite songs to listen to when I’m writing, and tell you what makes them the kinds of songs that you could listen to all day long.

  1. HysteriaMuse. The base line on this song is absolutely incredible. Just the first 20 notes get me completely pumped.
  2. W.A.M.SFall Out Boy. I love the drums in this song – especially in the chorus. I’m a big fan of F.O.B (always have been) because they have such addictive and catchy beats.
  3. Chasing PavementsAdele. Who doesn’t love the sound of Adele’s voice? She’s got a beautiful sound and some true talent. (Plug: If you haven’t checked out her new CD, I highly recommend it. I could listen to her sing all day.)
  4. All the Right MovesOne Republic. One Republic is best known for their remix with Timberland and the song Apologize, but after seeing them open for another favorite band of mine in October, I immediately bought their CD. They have so much energy in their lyrics and vocals, coupled with an incredible amount of control – listen to that cymbal work in the chorus. Awesome.
  5. Keep It Comin’ LoveKC and the Sunshine Band. (What? Don’t judge me.) Every time I hear this song it makes me tap my feet and dance in my chair. It’s a great song to listen to if you’re having a bad day or if you want to shake off some kind of funk (Though, with disco wasn’t the point always to bring on the funk? Interesting…)

My parents were wonderful with exposing me to all kinds of music. If you follow my Twitter account, you know that I often go from listening to hard rock to disco, and all the things in between. If these songs aren’t your cup of tea – that’s fine, I like pretty much everything and am always open to new musical suggestion. What are your top five go to songs when it comes to really getting focused and getting your stuff done?

Sidenote – I head out for Austin and PubCon on Monday, so if you see me, stop and say hi. I’d love to meet you!