Tough love – performance review

As a manager or business owner it’s awkward having to give”constructive criticism.”

Here are some tips for making the process easier.

  1. Take a “breather” – Think through what you’re going to say. Try not to be emotional.
  2. Choose a private location – free from interruptions and curious bystanders.
  3. Get to the point – quick and painless is always best.
  4. Let them respond – to prevent misunderstandings and to understand the problem.
  5. Listen to what they say – and make sure you’re having a two-way conversation. When you actively listen you can brainstorm a better solution.
  6. Create action items – and be clear about your expectations. Outline measurable objectives and put them in writing.
  7. Give them a chance – to prove themselves. Change doesn’t happen overnight. Acknowledge improvements and provide coaching along the way.