Travelers Burdened With City Taxes

Travelers are seeing a new array of taxes levied on them, this time, from cities, which are facing budgets that are increasingly strict and porous.

According to a recent report by the National Business Travel Association, cities are shaking travelers for revenues through bed taxes, airport concession taxes and car rental taxes.

These taxes are being appropriated to fund tourism campaigns, bolster failing budgets and fund airport improvements.

The Wall Street Journal reported today that cities are trying to get lean in general, with some selling off their zoos, parking garages and airports.

When added to sales taxes, travelers can expect to pay an average of $28 in taxes a day on their cost of lodging, car rentals and meals in the nation’s top 50 destination cities, according to the NBTA.

The cities with the highest taxes on travelers were Chicago ($38.75), New York ($36.53), and Boston ($36.47).

The cities with the lowest tax burden on travelers were Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Portland and Detroit.