I’ve mentioned Twitter a few times on this blog as a business communication tool.  In fact, AccuConference is on Twitter as well.  If you haven’t read those posts yet, or heard what Twitter is, go check it out.  Feel free, I’ll be here when you get back. 

Twitter is more than a fad—or as much a fad as texting or instant messaging—but what makes it exciting is that it is still evolving.  People keep coming up with new ways to use it.  More and more businesses are adopting Twitter into their way of doing things, even as they find other angles for it to improve their company or the way they communicate externally and internally.  It started out as one thing and is now another.  And it will be another a year from now.

In the meantime, it’s a good moment to start looking for ways that Twitter can help out your business.  In the article, The Real Reason to Twitter, I found several good tips, but what really caught my eye was several websites with Twitter-programs.  Here are three of them.

Re:Tweetist – When someone “retweets” on Twitter, they are merely copying what someone else wrote and posting it to all of their followers.  The Re-tweetest website allows you to type in a user or link to see how many people have sent that information on to their friends.  Very handy if you are trying to see if what your company has said is being spread around.

Adjix – This at first seemed to be a funny little website.  It allows you to have advertising in your tweets—and you get paid if people click the ads—but you could choose to be ad-free.  I know, what’s the point?  Well, with or without ads, you can track who and when and how many times people click on the links in your tweets.  To me, that’s vital information for a company embracing Twitter.  That and pay to have your ads join those being shown by adjix.

Finally, there’s Co Tweet, a website program that really spoke to me—much like it’s spoken to Starbucks, Ford, and Whole Foods Market.  Basically, it’s a powerful unified company twitter account.  That means that multiple users can receive, manage, and respond to the tweets sent to the main company account.  It also allows you to assign tweets to individuals and sends an email to let them know.  It constantly searches and sorts what anyone says about you by looking for keywords.  And it even adds initials to outbound messages so people know who in your company responded to them.

Co Tweet is a third-party program that vastly improves Twitter for business and removes a lot of the barriers for adoption.  It’s all about communication which Co Tweet does very well; with the customer of course, but just as important, between the people in your company too.