Veggies Without Salt Or Butter


If you’ve read any of my posts, you know I consider myself to be a bit of an amateur chef. There is nothing like throwing some stuff together and making something great. With every success in the kitchen there are always failures. Things get burned, the flavors don’t come out right, and, what I consider to be worst of all, and things are just bland. There is nothing like cooking a meal and then tasting nothing. You stare at the plate and you wonder if you even put salt and pepper in the pan. Maybe you actually forgot – which, has been done before, and will be done again. You have to ask yourself, what’s missing?

Consider your last conference call.  Are you looking at the history and wondering what went wrong? Sure it was okay but there was something missing. You expected more of a turn out or more feedback, and you didn’t get what you thought. You can’t do anything about it now, but you can think about what to do next time. What do you add to spice it up a bit?

Try adding a pinch of social media. Facebook and Twitter are huge and are the most likely responses for feedback. Since setting up accounts on both social networks are free, set up a Twitter account and a Facebook fan page for the conference. Give them out and the beginning of the conference and let participants know they should give you feedback there. On top of that add a layer of the visual element and let it melt. By melt, I mean sink into the other elements of your presentation. Use a PowerPoint or share your desktop to help show people all the delicious details of your conference.

If nothing else, always remember to never serve your veggies without butter and salt – and pepper, if you’re me. Lots of it.