Video Conference Brings Relief

With all the sad images and stories that are coming out Haiti right now, it’s hard to find something that might make you smile through the face of tragedy. We have been bombarded with images of death, hunger, pain, sadness, and fear. How can you help but to lose hope when you see something like that?

Check out this heartwarming video about a Portland, Oregon, family who was waiting on word about the three boys they in the process of adopting. In the middle of telling their story to ABC, they were interrupted with a video conference that showed that their children to be alive and safe. The joy and relief on their faces is a tiny glimmer of hope surrounded by News that seems to get worse every day. Their joy, which became my joy when I saw it, was all thanks to a tiny little thing called a web camera.

Just moments ago, a plane landed in Pittsburg full of Haitian orphans who were waiting to go home to their US families. The United States has helped to cut some of the red tape that sometimes moves the adoption process slowly so that these children can be placed with their new families sooner.

According to, 301 children were adopted from Haiti by families in the United States in 2008, with many more waiting to be adopted.  In the shadow of the earthquake’s devastation, it’s brought the concerns of adoptive parents, waiting to hear about their children, to the front of the News. Besides this story, there are many floating the internet about the power of the video conference to give many adoptive parents some relief and happiness to see their children are well.

With the devastation in Haiti so vast, these stories are sometimes overlooked as we try to fully grasp the severity of the situation. If you’ve heard an uplifting story about the people of Haiti, I want to hear it. Share it below and let’s find a place to go when it all just seems too sad.

PS – If you want to help, you can donate online to the Red Cross or add a ten dollar donation to your cell phone bill by texting “Haiti” to 90999 or view a verified list of organizations.