Video Rescue

A man vacationing in Germany had his life saved thanks to a woman trying to watch the sunset.

Streaming video has become very popular. Who hasn’t spent too much time watching little puppies sleeping or even watching their favorite radio station perform their comedy bits? I read an awesome story about how a simple web stream saved a man’s life.

Here’s a quick rundown of what happened:  A man was lost in northern Germany on an ice pack of the North Sea near St. Peter-Ording. He couldn’t find his way back, disoriented from his position versus where the beach would be, he began to use his camera as a signaling device. Each time he hit the button, the flash would go off like a cry for help.

In southern Germany, a woman was watching the same sunset the man had gone to take a picture of and noticed the flashing lights on the video stream that was in place. The woman, hundreds miles away, alerted the authorities who were able to rescue the man. Why does this matter?

This wasn’t a camera that was set up for security or monitoring. It wasn’t a parking lot camera or a red-light camera that just happened to see something happen. It was a camera that was set up and streaming purely for tourists.

The idea of the virtual tourist is really taking off around the world. Why shouldn’t it? You can be anywhere in the world, any time of day, and see anything you want too. It’s cold in Germany and this woman was sitting in her warm home watching a beautiful sunset over the ice all thanks to a video conference.

She even saved a life.

Pretty amazing huh?