Virtually Dining Out

Zagat, Foursquare, and Foodspotting have several things in common.  They are all about restaurants and food, they are fueled by consumer interaction, they each have a smartphone app, and now they are combined together in the newly released iPhone app, ‘Zagat to Go’.

Zagat is known for its reviews and ratings of restaurants, and the new app is a mobile, up to date version for iPhone users.  With the integration for Foursquare, users can now “check in” to Zagat to Go when they eat somewhere.  The app keeps track of the checkins, as well as any user submitted opinions.

Along with professional reviews and user comments, Zagat to Go is integrated with Foodspotting, an app that includes pictures of thousands of restaurant’s menus.  Foodspotting–and now Zagat to Go–allows users to take pictures of the food they order to share on the app.

The Zagat app follows a trend of integrating smartphones and mobile apps with user locations and GPS coordinates, with the hopes of providing as much information about a place as possible without having actually been there yet.