Waistline vs Bottom-line

As a business owner or manager, you’ve got to take care of your most important assets – the employees! The healthier your employees are, the better they will perform.

Here are the benefits of having fit and healthy employees:

  1. Minimal sick days – Which means they’ll spend more time at the office getting things done. This will also lower your health care expenditures.
  2. More Energy – Which will help them stay focused and accomplish more. They’ll feel better about themselves and the work they’ve done.
  3. Confidence – People who stay fit tend to feel good about themselves, because they’re accomplishing their goals and living a balanced lifestyle. This feeling carries over into their work because people want to gain control and confidence in all aspects of their life.
  4. Motivated Workplace – Confidence is contagious. People who succeed with their work and health goals tend to inspire those around them to do the same.
  5. Success – People who can accomplish rigorous fitness goals are likely to establish and meet their goals in the workplace.
  6. Good attitude – People who are healthy tend to “feel good” both mentally and physically. They’ll bring this positive attitude to the workplace.
  7. Reduced Stress – Regular exercise can reduce physical tension and emotional stress.

So if you’ve got the time/resources, go to your local gym and negotiate a discount rate for your employees. You don’t have to buy them a monthly membership, just do some research and find competitive offers. And if you already offer snacks at the office, make sure you provide healthy alternatives to the ever-popular soda and chips.

Keep your employees fit, and improve the bottom line.