Web Out-Dial Now Available:

You’re about to start a conference call and “Forgetful Frank” still hasn’t arrive. Usually you call to remind him but this time it’s different.

You look at the live call screen and notice an inconspicuous box located on the left hand side. It’s the web out-dial box and you intuitively know what it’s for. You type in Frank’s phone number and click “GO” to see what happens.

You continue talking as if nothing has happened. Seconds later, Frank’s bellowing voice greets everyone on the call. Amazingly your meeting starts on time.

Allow me to explain this time-saving feature.

The AccuConference Web Out-Dial is an automated calling application that is controlled by your computer that invites participants to join a conference call.  The system can dial your entire contact list separately or all at once.

When your participants pick up their phone they receive three options:

Press 1 > to join the conference
Press 2 > to be called back in 5 minutes
Press 3 > to decline this invitation
The Web Out-Dial is like conference call cruise control… simply hit the button and then sit back to relax. No longer will your participants need to remember the exact time or codes for your call.


ost your conference call attendance and save time. Visit our conference call features page to find out more about Web Out-Dial.